Asmodee - 7 Wonders Promo Catan, Nimord, Wil & Alternate Art Palace card

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7 Wonders - Catan:

A Wonder as a form of homage to the board game The Island of Catan doesn't produce any resources but allows players to trade goods. On its (A) side, the Thief can strike and make other players lose coins. Catan's (B) side can only be used with the Leaders expansion and allows the player to recruit 1 extra Leader.

7 Wonders - Palace:

The Palace promotional card is an alternate art card for the 8-point civilization structure in the Age III card deck. The card offers no new benefits; it is just alternate artwork. This card was one of the promotional items contained in the AsmOPlay kit and was given out as part of Tabletop Day 2016.


Nimrod - The most ambitious Leader!

The legendary founder of Babel will earn you 3 coins and 1 victory point for each Babel tile you build after having played him. Nimrod can only be used with the Babel expansion.


Wil - The most popular leader!

Wil invites the Leaders to his TableTop show! 1.Each opponent gives a face-down Leader to the player who owns Wil. 2.That player chooses one of these Leaders and plays it for free. All other Leaders are discarded. 3.Each opponent draws a new Leader to replace the one they gave to Wil.