Funko Pop! Vinyl Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso #138

Funko Pop! Vinyl Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso #138

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100% Genuine Funko Pop! Vinyl

Never Removed From Box

Condition 8 or Higher (see below for condition guide)

Condition Guide

We try our very best to grade our Pops accurately so you know what to expect your beautiful new Pop and its box to look like. Obviously, grading is subjective and not everybody will see things the same way, so if you buy a Pop from us and don't agree with our condition grade please reach out to us and we will do our best to make things right. We are not happy until you are.

This is a general guide as to what each grade from 1 to 10 will look like and the damage we look for:

1 - The Box and/or Pop will look almost completely destroyed. If your toddler fed your pop to your dog and it chewed it up for a few days, this is what a 1 looks like. We wouldn't even DREAM of selling you a 1, so you wont see one on our site

2 - The box will have severe damage on pretty much every side, it will be what most people would describe as "properly messed up", there will be tears and parts of the box missing, the pop itself should be in good condition and we would be happy to display it out of box and probably think that's whats best

3 - The box will have at least a few of the following: small to moderate tears, more than half the corners will be crushed, nasty stains, and/or severe window damage. I would attempt to fix this box and repair it as much as possible, if it was a lost cause I would be happy to display this pop out of box instead.

4 - The box will be crushed in several areas, may have tears, have heavy creases in lots of places, have moderate window damage, and one or two crushed corners. I would attempt to fix this box and repair it as much as possible, if it was a lost cause I would be happy to display this pop in my collection BUT i would be looking for a better box.

5 - The box may be crushed in couple of  spots, have very heavy shelf wear, may have a heavy tear/cut, have moderate to heavy window damage, multiple  creases, and/or have have crushed corners. We would be happy to have this Pop in our collection, not prominently displayed or the main focus of the collection.

6 - The box may show heavy shelf wear, have multiple dinged or crushed corners, have window damage, minor scuffing, have multiple creases, a heavy scratch or a very minor tear/cut. We would be happy to have this Pop in our collection, if it was not a pop I absolutely LOVE.

7 - The box may exhibit light to moderate shelf wear, one minor crease, one or two minor dinged corners, small scratch (from box-cutter or otherwise) or very minor window damage, a small unnoticeable tear, most of this damage will be very light and almost unnoticeable, We would be happy to display a 7 in our own collection.

8 - The box will be very presentable and will show very little wear. Allowable damage for an 8 is one or two of the following: very minor shelf wear, one lightly dinged corner, one very light crease in a non-noticeable area,  or very light scuffing on the window or box. This is what we would expect when buying pops ourselves to display at home.

9 - A Pop that is nearly perfect. A 9 will only show very little shelf wear only upon close inspection by an expert or a collector with a severe perfection complex

9.5 - Pretty much perfect. We will never call any Pop a perfect 10, so a 9.5 is as good as it can be and even then it would have to be taken off the production line and put straight into a protector.

PLEASE READ : For the sake of our personal mental health, we do not try and differentiate between an 8, 9 or 10. Rather, we simply say "8 or better" for Pops that 98% of collectors will be happy with. We would be proud to display these pops prominently within our own collection and we are sure that you will feel so too.

The following are things we do not take into account when grading our Pops- blemishes in the paint job, rounded window (as opposed to one with a firm fold down the seam), retailer price stickers, and missing exclusive stickers (but it will be mentioned in the description if one is missing). Funko has some shocking quality control practices including misshapen noses, missing limbs, box misprints and paint transfer, these will be mentioned if they are noticeable but do not affect the grading as they are how the pop would have been sold and deemed acceptable by Funko themselves.