Game Developerz by Onion Squire PLUS 6 Exclusive Kickstarter Cards

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Game Developerz gives you the chance to build up your own studio and Company Cards represent the publisher your studio will be working for. They all have a special ability and they will provide you the Coinz you need to keep your business going.

You will have to hire your own Staff in order to compose a solid Team. Staff Cards represent the people you can hire in your Team in order to complete your game. There are four Skills they can master: Game Design(GD), Art(ART), Programming(CODE) and Marketing(MKT). The sum of these Skills allows your studio to complete Features and develop a game. Some Staff cards might also have special abilities that you can use in your advantage.

Business Development is something crucial if you want to be able to release your game, learn how to use your assets properly and how to manage your studio. Business Development Cards will do the dirty job for you!

Finally you will be able to create the game you always dreamed of …Well.. Almost..!

Features are the core of your videogame and your goal is to put together the best of them if you want to release a great game!

During every game development something might go wrong or there could be unexpected surprises. These events are represented by the Random Event Cards. They might be good but they are usually very bad, so be ready!

During the year Special Events might occur and your studio has the chance to earn important awards and be rewarded for its incredible job!

It’s hard to run your business if you don’t have founds. In the game you can find 60 tokens representing the game currency known as Coinz. Your publisher will fuel you up with Coinz and you will have to use them consciously if you want to be the best.

You'll have to collect as much Betascore as you can!

Betascore is earned through completed Features and represents the score given by the critics and the audience of your game. Don't worry, even if your game was not so good, you will still be able to buy some journalists loyalty with the Coinz you saved at the end of the game.


A set of six appropriately-themed (crowd-funding based) cards, designed for backers of the title's campaign.