Karnivore Koala Dice & Card Game Kickstarter Edition with Graverobbear Expansion PRE OWNED

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Karnavore Koala from VooDoo Games

Cards and Dice stored in boxes and bags for protection

Includes Graverobbear Kickstarter exclusive card set

Title: Karnivore Koala (Kickstarter Edition w/ Graverobbear Expansion)
Players: 2-6
Time to Play: 20-40mins

Note: This listing is for the Kickstarter Exclusive edition, containing 56 cards exclusive to the KS campaign when including the Graverobbear expansion pack. Note that the game originally came with a white cardboard insert which I have removed to better fit all the cards.

Description: Karnivore Koala is a cards´n´dice game set in a post-eucalyptic world in which 2-6 players are on the hunt for mutant animals. Each player controls one koala king and builds up a tribe by placing workbears, villagebears and huntbears in it. Rolling and re-rolling the 5 special dice allows a player to activate their koala's special effects.


All our pre owned games may have shelf wear and/or box damage. If the damage was too severe we would not sell the game. The game will be 100% complete and and playable.