RARE Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Promo THE ANCIENT KING CMON 64880

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The whole of Arikania owes its freedom from the Elemental Lords to Ancient King Arikan. It was he who enacted the Great Binding, an epic magical construct, which changed the very nature of reality to expel extra-planar entities. In the resulting power vacuum, Ancient King Arikan united the entire continent, and brought a peace unrivaled in recorded time. The ancient King's Lifespan was measured in millennia, and his mental, magical, and physical prowess has yet to see an equal. It is unknown whether the Ancient King was the son of some deity, possessed by alien spirits, or simply a paragon of humankind. Whatever the truth, Arikania owes its name and very existence to this juggernaut from history.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.